Kaon Introduces Touch-Free Gesture Based v-Wave for Next Generation of B2B 3D Product Demonstrations


B2B Marketers Use Natural User Interface Technology to Captivate Prospects While Delivering Crucial Product Differentiation Messaging

Kaon v-Wave

Las Vegas, NV – March 18, 2013 – EXHIBITOR 2013 – Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of
interactive 3D product marketing content, today announced the Kaon v-Wave™, an advanced
gesture-control based product demonstration platform that allows B2B marketers for the first
time to offer touch-free, photo-realistic 3D demonstrations of their products and solutions.
The Kaon v-Wave offers a new presentation experience for 3D Product Models and solutions
stories, enabling prospects and customers to interact with and explore dynamic product
content on a Kaon v-OSK appliance by simply gesturing with their hands.

“The Kaon v-Wave is the latest innovation in interactive technologies, and this gesture based interactive experience is intended to expand the portfolio of engagement models for customer at trade shows, briefing centers and events,” said Gavin Finn, Kaon Interactive’s President and CEO. “Using intuitive hand motions, prospects can now explore 3D Product Models, creating an emotional connection while they delve into core product and solution differentiators. The Kaon v-Wave is the first to combine the dynamics of a ‘fun’ experience with useful, relevant B2B product messaging and demonstrations that increases knowledge retention and accelerates sales.”

Draw in Prospects & Make Your Exhibit Memorable: Corporate and Product Differentiation on the Show Floor
The Kaon v-Wave is ideally suited for B2B marketers that are looking for a unique, user-driven way to demonstrate and differentiate their complex products on the busy tradeshow floor, where it can often be difficult to captivate a prospect’s attention. By focusing on product content, this new 3D experience creates the environment wherein both the ‘wow’ factor and a serious knowledge transfer can occur within the same interactive session.

Increase Prospect Engagement To Increase Booth Traffic and Drive Sales

Using the Kaon v-Wave as a component of the suite of interactive modes of exploring product tours lets users look ‘under the hood’ of your product to better understand workflow, process and what makes it different. While interacting with v-Wave, prospects are in the driver’s seat to explore and interact with the photo-realistic 3D products by manipulating them in the same way they would investigate the actual product. Users can rotate 3D Product Models to any angle, zooming and moving the products around on the screen, or navigate through solution stories depicting products in their natural environments, with the simple wave of a hand.

As with any Kaon-developed interactive content, prospects can navigate anywhere, in any sequence, allowing booth visitors to explore the offerings that are of interest to them, at whatever level of depth they desire. Kaon v-Wave now enables compelling and effective product presentations that increase customer engagement, bolster knowledge retention and improve Sales effectiveness – all with a flick of their wrist.

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