Tablet Takeover? Evaluating Nexus 7 for Business

Tablets are undoubtedly one of the hottest sales and marketing device trends of the year, and (at the moment) the iPad reigns supreme for enterprise use. At the beginning of 2012, 1,604 purchasers of hardware for corporate enterprises were surveyed about their plans for the upcoming year, and a whopping 22% said they planned on purchasing tablets within Q2 of this year. 84% of those respondents who planned on deploying tablets reported that they would be purchasing Apple iPads for their employees.

When this survey was taken, Apple had not yet rolled out the iPad3 and there was no other competitive tablet in the B2B sector. The recent release of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet may have an interesting impact on these trends, as it is being hailed as the greatest Android tablet ever. But, does that make it appropriate for enterprise use?

Here are some features of the Nexus 7 that may impact its success, or lack thereof, with respect to penetrating the corporate enterprise market…

PRICE POINT: At price of $199 for an 8GB device, Google’s tablet comes in at almost 86% cheaper than the least expensive version of an iPad, with a 16GB iPad3 costing $499. When considering the number of tablets that would be needed to deploy the hardware across an enterprise, choosing the Nexus 7 could equate to some serious savings, but price will likely only become relevant if the Nexus 7 can meet all of a company’s business needs.

SMALL SIZE: With a slim, 7 inch design, the Nexus 7 is noticeably smaller than the iPad. While some believe that a smaller screen is a weakness compared to the iPad, the counterargument that this tablet will be more easily transportable is a valid one (it even fits in your pocket!) Additionally, along with its small, light-weight design, the Nexus 7 is equipped with a slightly rubbery, leathery, grippy back texture, making it much easier to hold for extended periods of time—especially in one hand—which could prove valuable if being used as a presentation tool.

FILE MANAGEMENT: The Android File Management system gives much more freedom than Apple’s technology does, allowing you to download and open and file directly on the device. Now while this could potentially open the device up to malware and viruses, the benefits of being able to quickly download, share and use content (accessible to any App on the Nexus 7) could prove helpful to Marketers or Sales teams who need to have up-to-date information, documents, or collateral quickly and easily.

With these unique features, it is quite possible the Nexus 7 could be the first Android tablet to really make a competitive splash in the enterprise tablet market, so long as app developers can deliver all the B2B content that an iPad can, while solving the business challenges enterprise companies are hoping to address. What are your thoughts on the future of enterprise tablets? Tell us!

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