What’s in the Box? Differentiating Your Telecom Products from Your Competition.

Marketers in the telecom and networking hardware industry have struggled for years to differentiate their products, while salespeople have struggled to clearly decipher what product within their portfolio is best suited for their customers’ needs.

“At first glance, the physical products that we’re selling aren’t exactly thrilling,” said Bill Casey, Formerly Vice President of Marketing for CommScope. “The excitement comes in communicating how they work together, and how they solve problems for our customers. By using a tool that is engaging, it makes the experience more interesting, and people spend more time with us.”

Struggling with ways to quickly communicate how their products are better than the competition, telecom equipment companies are turning to new innovative marketing technologies to help them solve the following challenges…

  • How to differentiate between “black boxes” and similar-looking products
  • Methods to better communicate how products work and interact together
  • Ways to demonstrate hidden features and benefits that set the product apart (at trade shows, sales demonstrations, and online)
  • Developing consistent product messaging for sales teams and channel partners (regardless of geographical location)
  • Techniques to up-sell and cross-sell ALL the company’s products during a sales encounter

While looking for cool ways to tell their product stories better, telecom equipment companies are realizing that the barriers between digital and physical are starting to blur, as marketing professionals are beginning to incorporate real-world objects, augmented reality, 3D Product Models and other technologies into their storytelling ideas.

“Video is scripted and that’s great if you have someone attention, but if not you need to be ‘interactive’ and really captivate someone,” Lou Schmidt Senior Manager of Solution Delivery at Juniper Networks commented. “No one likes to be statically pitched to. I want to pace the presentation to whom I’m speaking, so I can go forward and sideways. Videos don’t let me to that.”

Prospects at face-to-face meetings, such as trade shows, want more control over their individual experiences, allowing them to engage with products and alter a product storyline-by influencing or becoming involved in manipulating marketing content.

A leader in interactive 3D product marketing applications, Kaon Interactive, helps marketers differentiate products from the competition using truly interactive 3D Product Models that are created once and reused on multiple platforms (iPads, laptops, websites, touch-screen appliances) and in multiple venues (sales meetings, trade shows, product launch events, etc.).

Prospects who are interacting with Kaon-developed solutions can interact with 3D Product Models from every angle, explore options and features (open drawers, change components, demonstrate processes, etc.) and control their own personalized experience based on individual preferences. This provides an engaging way to ‘look under the hood’ of any products, show how they work, and differentiate them from the competition.

Finding new and innovative ways to educate buyers, sales teams and channel partners on product features and benefits is imperative to increasing sales opportunities. It’s time to differentiate your product, stand apart from your competition and clearly articulate what about your “box” makes it better than the rest!

About kaonmarketingguru

Dana Drissel is a well-rounded, highly energetic, results driven professional with 15+ years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience at both large public companies and small business start-ups.
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