Kaon App Revolutionizes Interactive Product Demos for iPads and iPhones

Sales and marketing teams deliver visually stunning product demonstrations anywhere, anytime

Maynard, MAMarch 6, 2012Kaon Interactive, Inc., creators of 3D interactive sales and marketing solutions that bring products to life, today announced the launch of the Kaon 3D Product App.  Optimized for the iPad and iPhone, the App leverages the mobility and touch capabilities of these devices, enabling sales and marketing professionals to present fully interactive product demonstrations anywhere and anytime, without requiring an Internet connection. Whether at a prospect’s office, airport, Starbucks or trade show, delivering compelling and engaging product information to the right person, at the right time, wins deals.

Kaon creates interactive, touch-driven experiences to help companies transform complex product stories into engaging, easy to understand, virtual demonstrations that show how products work to solve a customer’s business challenge. Customers are put in the driver’s seat, interacting with photo-realistic 3D product models that enable them to view products from any angle and explore options and features (e.g. remove components, demonstrate workflow, open drawers, etc.) based on personal preferences, making for a highly personalized experience. These same product models can also be deployed on websites, laptops and the Kaon v-OSK® (HD touch-screen appliance). By going virtual, companies can showcase all products, realizing dramatic savings by eliminating the need to ship them (often fragile/expensive) to globally dispersed sales meetings and events.

Ciena, a leading provider of intelligent network infrastructure solutions and software, sells complex network equipment through both a direct sales force and sophisticated partner program. Ciena recently deployed the Kaon 3D Product App, enabling its field teams and global partners to interact with more than 25 3D virtual product models, anywhere and anytime.

Bill Rozier, Vice President of Global Marketing at Ciena, commented, “Kaon’s technology has been an incredible game changer for our global sales team and network of partners. They essentially have all of our products in the palm of their hands, and can literally put them into the hands of customers. This results in a very personal, intimate experience that affords a faster understanding of the products and their benefits.” He continued, “The mobile app technology also extends the selling environment significantly, affording access to more prospects and customers.”

Once Kaon develops the interactive 3D product models, a customer-branded App is generated for the customer, and placed in the Apple iTunes App Store. The App allows iPad and iPhone users to download the 3D product catalog. The Kaon 3D Product App is optimized to provide the best mobile interactive experience possible. After installation, the content is native to the iPad so no Internet connectivity is required, enabling dynamic demonstrations anywhere. Supported platforms include iOS 5 or later, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2.

“Because the virtual product models were built for the screen size and resolution of the iPad and iPhone, the content is visually stunning and the user interface and navigation are intuitive, resulting in a captivating experience,” said Gavin Finn, president and CEO of Kaon Interactive. “And, because we engineered the solution to run locally, the Kaon 3D Product App helps sales and marketing teams overcome issues often encountered when running content via the Internet, such as lag times and latency, which can result in delayed sales engagements, or lost interest.”

About Kaon Interactive

Kaon Interactive, Inc. creates visually compelling, interactive sales and marketing solutions that bring products to life. Kaon’s 3D realism enables product manufacturers and their sales channels to deliver a rich, engaging customer experience by integrating compelling product interactivity with relevant product information and messaging.

Founded in 1996, Kaon is dedicated to helping companies improve their marketing and sales effectiveness by clearly differentiating and communicating the value of their solutions, shortening the buying cycle, reducing marketing costs, and enhancing the knowledge of customers, sales teams and channels. Kaon has deployed more than 2,000 interactive applications to a wide variety of global companies.  To ‘experience’ a demo and learn more about Kaon, visit www.kaon.com.

About kaonmarketingguru

Dana Drissel is a well-rounded, highly energetic, results driven professional with 15+ years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience at both large public companies and small business start-ups.
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