Six Advanced Trade Show Strategies

A recent TSNN (Trade Show News Network) post “Six Advanced Trade Show Strategies and Tactics” caught my attention as it discussed techniques that can really elevate and stimulate trade show programs. Their list of suggested strategies included…

  • Select Vertical Market Shows
  • Exhibit at International Shows
  • Set Appointments for Meetings in Your Booth
  • Add Video and Interactive Technologies
  • Tie Your Lead Gathering Closer to Your Company Database
  • Measure More of Your Trade Show Activities

Here’s my take on it: While these are all successful strategies, I would rank interactive technologies #1!   I also thought the statement about planning: “One tip: design your trade show exhibit with the technology in mind from the beginning, rather than trying to bolt on the tech after the fact”, really stood out. Interactive tools and other technologies can be revolutionary for a booth, especially when the concept is fully integrated into a trade show booth program.

At Kaon Interactive we’re seeing a clear shift from our clients attending a few big industry shows to many more smaller, focused events. This trend implies smaller booth spaces, an increase in shipping and drayage costs, and the need for more products to be procured for additional demonstrations. All of these factors make the integration of interactive technologies into event planning increasingly more vital. But above all, as TSNN references in their piece, telling a consistent story, while keeping attendees engaged is really why interactivity continues to be such an important and successful component of trade shows experiences today.

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