Your Devices are Mobile—But is Your Content?

With a predicted 82 million tablet users and a 150% increase in Smartphone adoption by 2015, it is clear that the mobile device market is booming and that trend is sure to be reflected in business interactions. However, the lack of ability to utilize Adobe’s Flash on iPhones and iPads is an often-overlooked detail that is crucial to marketing teams as they develop mobile content. Flash is currently not a viable platform for select mobile devices, and most likely never will be. Even Flash-enabled mobile devices are often limited to watching flash based videos and have restricted usability beyond that.

Historically, web content developed by interactive agencies and in-house marketing teams has relied to a large extent on Flash components to tell their stories, which is a devastating revelation for a company who has already invested in incompatible hardware for sales or marketing teams – not to mention customers and prospects using their own (now incompatible) hardware devices.  When researching content providers for mobile devices it is crucial to ensure that your organization is investing in multi-platform content that that is inherently designed to be implemented and supported on a variety of hardware platforms, including mobile devices.

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