New Year, New Marketing Resolutions

It’s the time of year for resolutions. And, while you may be focused on personal goals – whether looking to lose a few pounds in the coming year, spend more time with the family, get out of debt, etc. (topping a list of the 10 most popular for this year)…there are professional resolutions to put in place as well.

Rather than defining my own, I decided to look around and see what other marketers were saying. Here are a few ideas for marketing in the New Year:

  • From Fast Company’s blog, a collection of marketing to-dos for 2012 from the mouths’ of  trailblazing CEOs: “I will carefully cultivate my customer community”; “I will think of social media as more than an advertising channel”; “I won’t be the last one in my category to build a mobile site.” See the entire list at:
  • From the MetroWest Daily News, the paper right in our own backyard, “Imagine all of your employees enjoying the same work-life balance that you seek, being compensated fairly and rowing just as hard as you do as you steer toward the goal. Sounds lofty coming from a marketing consultant, but the smartest marketing plans just won’t work well if your employees aren’t onboard.” Read more at:

Great advice worth taking into account. And, don’t forget, you can also resolve to turn your product stories into dynamic interactive experiences with Kaon.

Happy New Year!

About darlenehollywood

Public Relations agency principal fixated with B2B and B2C marketing trends.
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