Close the Year on a Positive Note

Execute the Sales Fundamentals

Whether the year has been great or not, it’s important to stay focused on the immediate task at hand; booking as much new business as possible in the last few buying days of the year (13 days to be exact).

While the pressure to meet or exceed your sales goals increases dramatically in the last few weeks of the fiscal year it’s critically important to stay optimistic while continuing to execute the fundamentals.

A positive attitude in the face of increased pressure is critically important. The demands for 2012 planning, last minute travel to close that final deal, customers losing focus due to their year-end responsibilities, and family pressures on top of it all could make it difficult to remain positive.

When in doubt, try speaking with your favorite client(s) and ask them how their  year has been and I am sure they will tell you how much they appreciate your support, how much your products and solutions have meant to them throughout the year and give you enough positive reinforcement to make it through the end of the year on an encouraging and successful note. I recently did just that and learned that the solutions we developed for one of my clients this year made a tremendous impact on their success this year and his exuberant comments made my day and kept me focused, determined and positive to close my year out on a high note.

Execute the Fundamentals: “Skill. Knowledge of and the ability to properly and quickly execute the fundamentals. Be prepared and cover every little detail.” – John Wooden

About kaonsalessavant

Outdoor enthusiast, arts lover & supporter and sales leader with several successful start up and large corporate experiences. Now focused on delivering interactive sales tools to help drive sales and engage customers that help sales and marketing organizations "save" money & "Show" how their products and solutions solve real business challenges.
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