‘Jobs’ Done Right – Creative Perfection

Our Creative Director stopped by my office today to tell me that one of the shelves I hung during our office redesign was slightly askew.  I looked at the shelf and thought jeeze only he would have noticed that 2-degree slant. And honestly, if anyone else had noticed they probably wouldn’t have cared enough to say something.

A light bulb went on when I read an article on Steve Jobs titled, “The Tweaker.” I immediately noticed some personality similarities shared between Jobs and my Creative Director. The ability to modify designs ever so slightly until they were deemed perfect. The unique way they use visual imagery is used to tell a story. The reutilization and tweaking of old designs to make them relevant, usable, and exciting. The high standard to which he holds his design team.

I’ll know it when I see it. That was Jobs’s credo, and until he saw it his perfectionism kept him on edge. I now see that in a unique way that 2-degree slant showed the same perfectionism our Creative Director has here at Kaon Interactive.

Engaging designs, interactive user interfaces, and experiences that truly excite customers to interact with your products isn’t something that comes easily. It takes dedication and a strong desire to “think differently” from both a design and technology standpoint.

Who inspires you to think like Steve Jobs?

About kaonmarketingguru

Dana Drissel is a well-rounded, highly energetic, results driven professional with 15+ years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience at both large public companies and small business start-ups.
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