Meeting Face-to-Face Still Makes a Difference

Many predicted that the advent of web-based technologies would eliminate the need for B2B sales people to meet prospects and customers in person. In particular, many foresaw the complete evaporation of the trade show industry, replaced by websites and virtual trade shows. While there has been an increase in the adoption of virtual trade show technologies, and certainly every company has a website, we have learned that nothing replaces the value of face-to-face meetings.

Even digital marketing guru Seth Godin recently wrote, in his invitation to a more personalized seminar series that “….. in-person interaction really can’t be beat. While digital ideas spread far and fast, there’s something really powerful about being in the same room.”

Research has shown that face-to-face meetings are far superior to any web experience when it comes to capturing attention and creating an emotional buying connection between people and companies

When you do have the privilege of face-to-face meetings with prospects, customers, partners, and other members of your company’s ecosystem, make them count: maximize the level of interactivity which results in personalized, relevant experiences that boost knowledge retention.

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