Tradeshow Television…You’re On

Earlier this week I read a post on in which Bob Lipp, creator of Trade Show News Television, said a well-produced tradeshow video can extend the life of your trade show investment. According to Lipp, “News-style streaming videos can be highly effective marketing tools long after the show has ended. They can be used with prospects and clients to highlight the key advantages of a new product, enhance a case study, and give your website more impact.”

Expanding on this idea, making a video of your trade show booth adds excitement and versatility and can take your message beyond the show.

The added value starts at the trade show. Let’s face it, most people are hams – point a camera at them and they’ll act even more interested in your product. While they’re acting interested, you actually have their attention. The camera gives you another way to interact with trade show attendees. Imagine how flattered a prospect would be to hear “You’re just the person we’d like to have in our video.”

Use the video as an opportunity to cross-promote. By interviewing representatives from affiliated products in front of your booth, your company could end up on their website or Twitter stream.

A lot of effort goes into creating a great face-to-face experience. Capture some of that enthusiasm and energy to replay later at employee training.

Move the trade show experience into your social media presence. The video makes great content for your website, and by posting it on YouTube or Vimeo you’ll extend the reach even further.

Another benefit to making video of your trade show booth in action is gaining insight. In the same way athletes use video to assess their form; your company can use the video to analyze your booth’s performance. Stepping back to see your booth through the lens may highlight something you could improve.

Have you ever made video of your trade show booth? How did you use the video?

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1 Response to Tradeshow Television…You’re On

  1. Marc Azada says:

    It is true that News-style streaming videos can be highly effective marketing tools long after the show has ended. It has more effect than people think it has. This was a great article.

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