New Creative Techniques Used at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

We’ve recently come off a big project push for Oracle OpenWorld, which took place the first week of October in San Francisco. After many long nights and lots of coffee, we wrapped up a number of large projects for the show and in the process built some very interesting applications as well as new visual effects components of our platform. One of these new platform components is a particle system that we developed to create realistic simulations of environmental effects, such as smoke and storm debris.

The typical approach would have required constructing the particle effect in Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max or Adobe’s After Effects, which is a perfectly good approach, but doesn’t allow post render control. To solve this problem we constructed a Kaon Meson-based particle emitter that can be modified very quickly through a text editor or set of on-screen user controls. The end result is motion that looks a lot like video, but with the flexibility of real-time controls. We’re just starting to use the effect outside of a video workflow, but I expect a lot of interesting uses in the future.

Click here to view the particle system in action.

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