B2B Social Media Marketing Works

I’m old enough to remember when marketers were asking whether “online” marketing would work for B2B companies. Of course, we now don’t even question that this medium works for both B2B and B2C. We are now hearing the same questions with regard to Social Media. (For example, read this thread, or this Open Forum post, or this Fast Company article.) Broadly, if one includes Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blogging, etc as “Social Media”, then it is clear that this channel is  viable and effective in the B2B space, with the proviso that each venue, channel, site, and platform must be approached intelligently. What works for B2C on Facebook, for example, won’t necessarily be effective in B2B marketing. But, here is an example of how Facebook can be used effectively in B2B marketing (this by Cisco Systems, a leader in both networking infrastructure technology and B2B marketing.)  Kaon Interactive

An associated Tweet reinforces the marketing message.

When we have something relevant to say, go to where the target audience is, and say it there! Increasingly, our target audience (marketing professionals in B2B companies) are online and using social media. We can learn from each other, speak with one another, and market to each other here, and in any venue where marketers congregate.

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