One Voice – Marketing and Sales

I never really believed the old saying that sales and marketing are like oil and water. I wanted to work in a utopian world where if everyone did their job to the best of their ability we would all get along and sing the same tune. I mean at the end of the day we’re all working towards the same corporate goals…RIGHT?

According to Stephanie Tilton’s “Can’t Sales and Marketing Just Get Along?” 56% of sales, marketing and channel management professionals surveyed report that their companies do not yet have any formal programs, systems or processes for unifying sales and marketing.

Finding ways to generate consistent and relevant content that meets our corporate objectives must be possible. So why does the gap still exist?

About kaonmarketingguru

Dana Drissel is a well-rounded, highly energetic, results driven professional with 15+ years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience at both large public companies and small business start-ups.
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