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Why B2B Marketers Don’t Innovate More: There’s a Scientific Explanation

This article was originally shared on LinkedIn. Follow Kaon Interactive on LinkedIn to discuss the hottest trends in B2B marketing! Last week, at a major trade show, the division President of a scientific instrument company stood in his luxurious 100’X50’ plush-carpeted booth and … Continue reading

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Lack of Innovation is Hurting Your Career

Everyone knows the old adage: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”, often attributed to Albert Einstein. Yet, many B2B marketers continue to pursue the same tactics and strategies, deluding themselves into believing that … Continue reading

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The World has Changed. B2B Marketers Need to Adapt.

When asked what innovations in marketing most B2B marketers are adopting, more often than not, “social marketing” initiatives top their lists. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media offer a variety of ways to message to their target audiences. That’s great, … Continue reading

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3 Things that will Impress Your CMO

Have you ever tried to impress your CMO with REAL thought leadership? If so, you’ll know that it is difficult because it takes real courage to step out of the box and present new ideas that will change the direction … Continue reading

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Marketers Only Get One Chance to Make a First Product Impression

First impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone and 55% of a person’s opinion is driven by physical appearance. I wonder if that statistic also carries some weight for product launches? If so, finding the right … Continue reading

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Marketing Innovation

Many companies focus on technology innovation: New high-tech breakthroughs for delivering data to global networks; novel approaches to bioscience; original methods for diagnostics or analysis. This all leads to products and services that create more and more value. Ironically, the … Continue reading

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